What are the key Requirements Airlines look for in an ESA Letter?

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In today’s age, mental illnesses have become quite common. Disorders related to mental health have now become a part of life due to the stressful lives of individuals. If you think you are mentally unwell and need spirit to lighten your mood, then a cute creature might just be your calling to a new life. You may think to yourself can dogs eat popcorn? It is important for individuals who suffer from these debilitating conditions to have someone to lean on and receive the necessary support and assistance. However, in some situations, someone cannot be always around to help, in such a case, many individuals adopt animals for emotional support. 


Having a pet is not a big issue unless you have to go to someplace where there might be restrictions on having a pet. One such place is an airline trip. Airlines have a very strict rule about how they deal with situations. So, it is necessary that you have a solid proof to prove to them that you require your ESA at all times. The proof comes in the form of a letter that would be provided to you upon your application submission. Each letter is like immunity from laws that normal people follow. So, any time you decide to travel with your ESA, airlines would definitely check your letter. Unlike rabbits can dogs eat pineapple or are they allergic to them. A standard ESA letter should have some clauses so that the airlines get a clear picture of why the situation demands to keep the pet. The major points that should be highlighted are:


  • Your condition should be recognizable in literature. It means that the condition that you are facing is a disorder that is recognized around the world by specialists. The ESA letter should have details about the issue you are facing. It is to confirm to the airline staff5 that you definitely need the presence of your own ESA during your visit so that you may not go into a relapse with your disorder.
  • Another major point that the letter should highlight is that you require the attention of the ESA during your flight or at your destination. This would give the airlines an indication of the severity of the matter. Having a letter is essential when you are deciding to keep an ESA with you. Why not apply for it now so that you may get an ESA letter for housing and could keep your lovely animal with you always.
  • If you get your letter from an authentic source, it would be reviewed and signed by a healthcare practitioner. This is another of the requirements of airlines when they view your document. The letter should prove that you are under the care of such a professional.  if you have always wanted a dog as an ESA and you have allergies, then a labradoodle is the way to go for you. They also don’t produce a lot of saliva. If you want a bigger dog, a presa canario is a better option.
  • To solidify the validity of the letter, it is required that it is printed on a letterhead with the signature of the experts and date printed on it. The letter also should be within an acceptable time interval. The time interval is totally decided by the airlines. Some may accept the letter as old as 1 year. The best thing to do is to contact your selected airline before proceeding with the bookings.


The above are some of the basic requirements that you need to fulfill to keep your maltipoo with you on an airplane journey. Some airlines might have a more strict requirement while some may have a lenient one, and some airlines might restrict certain animals. 

Many airlines would require you to inform them in advance about the travel with an ESA so that any necessary arrangements might be made. The letter should be within the validity date that the airline requires. If you think that your letter may be out of date, consider applying for an update. But do remember to follow the authentic services that are available online to get you a letter that would definitely get you out of trouble.


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